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8 November 2005

Who gets Trenton?

Well, if somebody has to win in New Jersey, I hope it's this way:

Forrester/Corzine a dead heat ... election officials find more fraudulent ballots cast than real ballots. New Jersey's charter as a state is revoked and it's merged with Delaware. New York is split into North New York and South New York so a new US flag won't have to be created. Governor of South New York Rudy Giuliani becomes the instant front runner in '08.

You know, Delaware might actually object to this.

(Via E. M. Zanotti.)

Posted at 11:52 AM to Political Science Fiction

election officials find more fraudulent ballots cast than real ballots
That's normal here. Heck, we had 4,755 dead people vote last election.

If the people of Delaware were smart, they would object to this. But I don't think the split would ever happen. The teacher's union would take control of the state first. Oh, wait, they already did...

Posted by: Thomas Pfau at 12:21 PM on 8 November 2005

No freakin' way we Delawareans would ever join up with South Jersey under these circumstances.


Posted by: Fritz Schranck at 8:31 PM on 8 November 2005

I was born in New Jersey. At the ripe old age of 1 I moved to Delaware, At the age of 21 I moved to New York City - I can assure you that no one, not a single Delawarean wants to join up, merge or take over one square inch of New Jersey. Furthermore, we New Yorkers want nothing from Rudy Giuliani except that she move to Califonia and fade away. The guy was a rotten, divisive, fiscally irresponsible mayor, and I don't know of any New Yorkers who do not prefer our present Mayor.
Other than that, it's an interesting idea.

Posted by: bbbustard at 8:22 AM on 9 November 2005

BB, you dont live in the outer boroughs, do you?

Posted by: akaky at 11:23 AM on 9 November 2005

Well,BB, meet at least one.
As a homeowner I wasn't exactly thrilled when my property tax was increased 17% for the last year in dictatorial manner by the current mayor, a socialist wolf in a Republican lamb coat. The explanation was - the city didn't have enough commercial RE taxes to balance the budget. I have no idea why that gave him the right to rob residential home owners. We were "refunded" a year later $400 per household - advertised as an act of goodwill on his part - but the extra tax taken from me in the first place was much higher, plus the interest on original sum was never mentioned so I wouldn't call it a refund.
And how about the whole shameless business with the stadium?

Posted by: Tatyana at 1:44 PM on 9 November 2005