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8 November 2005

Follicular follies

"Cold wax," to me, sounds like cold fusion: it might work in the lab, maybe, but God forbid you should try to replicate the experiment.

Just one excerpt:

[T]he only thing worse [than] having your nether businesses glued together is having them glued together and then glued to the bottom of the tub. In scalding hot water. Which, by the way, doesn't melt cold wax.

I will, of course, take her word for it.

Posted at 4:34 PM to Dyssynergy

One of the Murphy laws: if nothing works, may be it makes sense to read the manual, after all.

On the other hand, it's fun to live dangerously...

Me, I trust the experts (and French-Canadian "sugar wax for sensitive skin" which works fine, in right hands.)

What tortures women wouldn't go thru, for Beauty!

Posted by: Tatyana at 9:58 PM on 8 November 2005

I won't go through them.

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 6:13 AM on 9 November 2005

If you have a hardwood floor, there is no concern over wether the drapes match the carpet.

Posted by: triticale at 11:13 AM on 9 November 2005