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10 November 2005

Equally joked

File under "too much to hope for":

I love funny guys. I think that, when looking for a relationship, one of the first things I consider is whether a guy can take a joke, and whether a guy enjoys being a tease (in the good way). If a guy can get that perfect balance of self-(or me)-deprecating humor, without erring on the side of offensive or making offhand remarks about my Hello Kitty kitchen appliances, he's an automatic in. If he can get me (and I have only met one man my entire life who can do this — and he has no idea) to forget the line of joke because his comeback is so good, I'd marry him.

"No idea" describes me often enough, but she's definitely not talking about me here.

This is, however, not all that far from my own benchmark. I have a tendency to throw in vague cultural references, obscure bits of text, and a (half-)vast number of puns, and if someone picks up on more than 50 percent of the aggregate, I am duly impressed. (I'm surprised when I understand half of what I say sometimes.) There remains the issue of why someone that smart would want anything to do with me, but I'll deal with that in the unlikely event that it actually comes up.

And if we must mock Hello Kitty, let it be for the bedroom appliances.

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GREAT headline, Charles!

Posted by: Jan at 10:54 AM on 10 November 2005

I don't claim to get all of your puns, but I about fell out of my chair laughing over your "have your Kate and Edith, too" comment at Francis's site.

Posted by: Lana at 3:24 PM on 10 November 2005