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10 November 2005

The Braniff will open once more

Last spring, I wrote up a paragraph about 324 North Robinson, the erstwhile Braniff Building, going to waste in the New Downtown.

No longer. Kerr-McGee, owner of the building, is going to have 324 and two buildings around the corner on Robert S. Kerr converted to medium-to-high-buck condos.

The oldest and smallest of the structures is 111 Robert S. Kerr, built in 1902 as the India Temple and originally designated 101 W. 2nd Street. The Shriners moved out around 1909 and the building became known as the Wright Building. The biggest of the three is 135 Robert S. Kerr, which dates to 1921, and which served Kerr-McGee as corporate headquarters from the 1940s until the early 1960s.

Architect Anthony McDermid first proposed the condo conversions to a Mayor's Conference in 2002; he says one difficulty will be pulling the concrete front off 111 and restoring the original surface.

The three buildings cover 270,000 square feet; only about 70 residences will be built, suggesting that they will be very large and presumably pricey.

Posted at 7:13 PM to City Scene

4k sqft for a condo?! Well, 3200 or so after stairways and common areas are carved out. That's more than twice the size of my house out in Stepford. Wow.

How I would LOVE to live in the Braniff Building. Very retro-chic. I'm afraid if I'm retro at all, I'm retro-cheap. Perhpaps a small house in midtown.

Posted by: Dan at 10:17 PM on 10 November 2005

Now you know why I'm where I am: not too far from the middle of things, but at a place where the price of entry is still just barely into six figures. (And a few smaller houses, around the size of mine, can be had for somewhere in the 90s, even the upper 80s.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:53 AM on 11 November 2005