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10 November 2005

Now he is six

I have a great deal of trouble with the idea that I now have a grandchild six years old; it just seems so impossible, you know? And yet he was five years old a year ago, four years old two years ago, and so on down the line, in strict compliance with the laws of mathematics.

Oh, well. Happy birthday, Nick. Now cool it for a moment so your mom can get some sleep, okay?

(Aside to someone else born on this date: How is it that he ages one year every twelve months and you age one year every twelve years?)

Posted at 8:11 PM to Next Generation

I completely understand what you're going through. My grandson will be 6 in December. I don't get it. I'm not old enough to be a grandmother. How can he be almost 6?

Posted by: Lynn at 9:29 PM on 10 November 2005

I keep doing the math. The youngster was born 10 November 1999; he has no choice but to be six.

The next difficult date, I think, will be in the summer of 2008, when my daughter turns 30.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:40 PM on 10 November 2005

Me too. My son and daughter are in their mid-thirties and my granddaughters are almost two. These things are so NOT possible. My ohsolaidback line is "gosh, now we're all the same age". (My real reaction is horror, of course.) But I like chaz's answer that kids age one year every year while we advance one every twelve. That's close to what it feels like. I'm awfully glad we have each other for commiserating company.

Posted by: anne at 7:08 PM on 13 November 2005