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11 November 2005

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Robert Greenwald's documentary Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Prices will be screened in Fellowship Hall at Mayflower Congregational Church in Oklahoma City this Sunday; however, apparently all the available space has been reserved. Mayflower's Dr Robin Meyers talks about the film here.

Other area screenings will be in Piedmont and at UCO in Edmond on Monday; two scheduled for Norman are reportedly at capacity already. The production company offers a Web tool to find screenings in your neck of the woods. Of course, they wouldn't object if you bought a copy on DVD.

Posted at 8:00 AM to City Scene

I wonder if one could buy a copy of the DVD at Walmart. Maybe you could even get it at their "low, low prices".

Posted by: Sam at 8:15 AM on 11 November 2005

... LOL ... yeah, then you could take it back within the return period and say ... ah, it just wasn't the "QUALITY" I expected .... ROFLMAO

I'm going to buy one of these ... and by the way have you seen the Big Box Mart video on jib jab? Its a hoot.

Posted by: Ron at 10:11 AM on 11 November 2005

Geez, what a courageous guy. Showing his film only five hours away from the lion's den.

Posted by: Matt at 10:40 AM on 11 November 2005

There are two showings in Fayetteville, though I think that's as close as they get.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:43 AM on 11 November 2005

There will be a private showing in my living room as soon as the DVD arrives.

Posted by: Scribe at 7:10 PM on 11 November 2005