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12 November 2005

Now that we're out of Katrina footage

I know, we've spent entirely too much time on the subject of Maureen Dowd.

But said subject does tend to spawn interesting tangents. This Dowd-related item at The Passing Parade generated some comments to the effect that there might be a conspiracy to put another woefully-overexposed female, Jennifer Aniston, on every last farging magazine cover in the nation, if not actually on The Nation itself.

Now quoting me, from April 2003:


For some unaccountable reason, this month's subscription copy was fitted with the wrong cover, an error which stood out blatantly. I mean, a magazine that does not have Jennifer Aniston on the cover? What were you thinking?

Either I'm way ahead of the Zeitgeist, or — wait, was that MoDo on the cell phone?

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(uh-oh, is she looking over here?)

Posted by: McGehee at 1:25 PM on 12 November 2005

But I would not feel so all alone;
Everybody must get stoned.
— R. Zimmerman

Posted by: CGHill at 2:21 PM on 12 November 2005

Why cant we have Halle Berry on magazine covers all year long? I wouldnt mind that at all.

Posted by: akaky at 4:56 PM on 14 November 2005

Second the motion. A show of hands, please.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:43 PM on 14 November 2005