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12 November 2005

None of that tedious defense stuff

A lot of shots taken, and a lot of shots made; it's just that Dallas made a couple more of them along the way.

Mavericks 109, Hornets 103. This moves the 4-2 Mavs ahead of the 2-3 Bees in the Southwest Division.

Next game: at Miami on Tuesday, before returning to the Ford on Wednesday to play Denver. (McDonald's has a promotional deal; they ask, presumably rhetorically, "Are the Nuggets Chicken?" Now that's irony.)

Later: The Oklahoman notes that the game was a sellout, even with both OU and OSU home football games the same day.

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Is it just my imagination, or are you really getting into the old roundball?

Posted by: Vickie at 6:40 AM on 13 November 2005

Serious novelty value here, what with (1) an actual NBA team (2) just down the street. This is not something one tends to find in sleepy little prairie towns.

A contributing factor, of course, is the sheer irony of the Bad Weather Capital of the World picking up a major-league franchise, albeit temporarily, because of really bad weather somewhere else.

And really, "temporarily" is the operative word here. There's a sensation around here that we are being tested, to see if we really are the hotshot boomtown we'd like to think. (Let's face it, for a city of 530,000 and a metro of a million and a quarter, we do a pretty good job of staying off the national radar.)

Personally? I used to fall asleep between the World Series and March Madness. For me, this is perfect.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:29 AM on 13 November 2005