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13 November 2005

Beyond mere personal ads

A British woman has taken out newspaper ads seeking a boyfriend for her daughter. Applicants should be single, 24 to 30, geographically acceptable, and must produce a 500-word essay detailing their qualifications. The young lady in question is twenty-four, a student, and has a six-year-old son from a previous commitment. Appearance is not a major criterion, though "Brad Pitt lookalikes will not be rejected out of hand".

Meanwhile in Denver (first spotted at Okiedoke), a woman in her late forties is offering a package deal: buy her house, and she comes with it. Asking price is $600k, which doesn't seem out of line for the Washington Park area of Denver, especially given the amount of work she's supposed to have put into it — I pulled up some MLS listings in 80209 and even the smaller bungalows start in the 400s — but, you know, some things are harder to appraise than others. I bounced this premise off a few women of similar age, and they were somewhat suspicious of the entire venture.

I'm inclined to think that Maureen Dowd isn't going to be trying these particular ploys any time soon.

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I had a weird thought: what if the woman in the second ad had to write essay as an applicant (not advertiser)? For somebody with degree in Communications, her writing skills are very bla.

And I bet the photos she supplied are 10 yrs old...although they seems to be working, otherwise would you check the listings in her area?

Posted by: Tatyana at 2:00 PM on 13 November 2005

Research, my dear, research. :)

Apparently she has a publicist (see the Press link). Then again, this certainly doesn't read like the usual PR fluff, either.

(I have my own criteria for evaluating applicants, or would if I had any applicants, which of course I don't.)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:06 PM on 13 November 2005