The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 November 2005

Dodging the usual channels

"And when they got through, the title weighed sixty pounds," sang Johnny Cash in "One Piece at a Time" way back in 1976. The tale of a GM assembly-line worker who hides individual parts in his lunchbox until he has enough to build a whole Cadillac, brand-new but weird-looking because of model changes over all those years, it's funny as heck, and it might even possibly be inspirational as well: one fellow was swiping parts from a DaimlerChrysler plant near St. Louis and then selling them on eBay. For his efforts, Ronald Casagrande got 13 months in the Big House and was ordered to pay $131,000 in restitution, $31,000 more than Cash's line worker estimated his multi-year monster to be worth.

Apparently there is karma at work here: a commenter at Autoblog, where I found this story, notes that Casagrande's last name means, yes, "Big House."

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