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14 November 2005

Let no expired equine go unbeaten

And why not?

NEW YORK — Maureen Dowd's Technorati search ranking soared to No. 4 this week as bloggers feverishly posted reviews of her new book, Are Men Necessary?, searched for and read others' reviews, and discussed her irrelevance.

"She's just a well-trained, albeit, clever monkey," wrote Dennis Wright, the writer behind Poliblogger. "Does anyone read her books anymore?" Wright asked in his 18-paragraph review of Dowd's new book. Of Wright's 23 posters, 21 said they had read the book, but didn't think other people would.

"Nobody cares what she thinks," wrote Robert Oakley, responding to Wright on his blog, Rightdude. "I don't care what she thinks. She writes these crappy books and behaves as if we are going to talk about them or even care. I mean, do I seem like I care to you?"

You've already seen my level of indifference.

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For someone as irrevlevant as knowing what the War of Jenkins' Ear was all about, she sure knows how to drum up the press. There mustn't be anything else they'd care to cover out there.

Posted by: akaky at 5:03 PM on 14 November 2005

Oh, how I wish you hadn't said that.

From this post about Janet Jackson's boobage:

But trivial, as it happens, is what we do best; if we expended this much energy on dealing with, say, governmental and corporate corruption, or what's going to happen to the Federal budget when all these damn baby-boomers retire at once, we'd run the risk of actually accomplishing something that various groups of people manifestly don't want accomplished and will resist to the bitter end. What's more, it would stretch the national attention span well beyond what's considered to be its upper limit. Give us something insignificant, however, and our species shines: oh, if we could only ask Robert Jenkins about his ear.

Dear God, what if what MoDo is looking for should turn out to be ...  [shutting up in a hurry]

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