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17 November 2005

Stretching a point

Fox will release the Fantastic 4 DVD on the 6th of December, which of course I will circle on the nearest calendar.

But this item from Entertainment Weekly's Popwatch concerns me:

It came in a box by itself, without a letter of explanation — or anything else. All that was inside was this bra, emblazoned with the phrase ''On December 6, seeing is believing.''

Well, and that little tag with Sue Storm's picture on it.

Was this Jessica Alba's bra? Were panties supposed to come with it? And why, when we went to photograph it for this page, did it suddenly disappear? Had Invisible Girl actually put it on and walked off with it? One office wag claimed to be missing a thong from the Batman Begins DVD; had the two superheroic undergarments flown off together? Finally, the bra turned up, but with nothing to say about any feats of heroism it might have performed while it was away. I'm just glad the publicists were promoting Alba's presence in the film and not that of Chris Evans, or they might have sent us a flaming Speedo.

I think it's those Yancy Streeters acting up again. (What would they have sent for Michael Chiklis as the ever-lovin' Thing? A box of orange rocks?)

Posted at 6:19 AM to Almost Yogurt

For some reason when I saw Fantasic 4 in this post I was thinking of The Incredibles, and was wondering if the bra was, like, really stretchy...

Posted by: McGehee at 8:03 AM on 17 November 2005

Well, you know, Elastigirl has her charms....

Posted by: CGHill at 8:06 AM on 17 November 2005

The Yancy St gang wouldn't have sent a box of rocks, they would have sent just two, and probably small ones at that.

As for the ladies? I've always been partial to Rita Farr from the Doom Patrol (aka Elasti-Girl) but I must admit that the new Supergirl ain't nuthin ta sneeze at.

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 9:33 AM on 17 November 2005

I must admit that the new Supergirl ain't nuthin ta sneeze at.

I've only seen the one on "Justice League Unlimited." She looks about 16.

Which, I'm just sayin', is all.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:08 AM on 18 November 2005