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18 November 2005

Where are all the gamma girls?

From Souldanse:

Researchers have apparently found that men prefer long-term relationships with subordinates rather than co-workers or supervisors. Women, however, showed no significant preference for socially dominant men, or for socially inferior men. They appear to hanker for their peers — while, sadly, their peers are at Applebee's hitting on the women who bring them their burgers and pies.

I always assumed that alpha men wanted alpha women, that kings wanted queens. Not so. I guess that holds true only for wolves.

In addition, British researchers have recently "discovered" that the higher a woman's IQ, the fewer prospects she has for marriage. (Jane Austen could have told them that.) To be a droll, dry, wry, sarcastic or clever woman is deadly, apparently. (Yes, you may point out the example of Mr. Darcy, who loved Elizabeth Bennet's witty repartee, but I still say he's secretly gay.)

Down here on the bottom rung, I myself have no subordinates, but I've seen this phenomenon in action, and it's not pretty. (Another reason to avoid fishing off the company pier, despite the occasional presence of cute fish. Besides, not one of them has expressed the desire for a bicycle.)

I can't, of course, address the king/queen issue, inasmuch as I don't know jack.

(Mr. Darcy gay? What did I miss during my last reading? Surely it can't be because his first name is "Fitzwilliam".)

Posted at 11:08 AM to Table for One

Mr. Darcy is NOT gay.

Posted by: Rachel at 1:12 PM on 18 November 2005

I'd certainly never thought so.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:17 PM on 18 November 2005

Chopin loved George Sand, and she was an intelligent woman.

Posted by: miriam at 8:41 PM on 18 November 2005

I have been listening to the same complaint for years from female friends -- something along the lines of "men hate and fear women who are smart" -- and I have come to the conclusion that it is at least half bullshit. It should be modified thus: Weak men (we call them men with "problems" now) seek out their mental and social inferiors; normal, strong men seek out women who are at least as smart as they are. However, normal strong men avoid smart women if those women are bitches, or have huge chips on their shoulders about men, and so on. That's not because these men are evil or hate smart women, but because they are normal. (There is a certain kind of man who likes a woman to be mean to him, though. Perhaps that kind of man is what a certain kind of "smart" woman needs. Then again, even these men get tired of being used as a punching bag/foot washer after a while and end up running away with the Taco Bell cashier.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 10:46 PM on 18 November 2005

I don't respond well, I've discovered, to "deferential"; maybe it's a sign of weakness, maybe it's something else, but I am quite unaccustomed to having the last word on anything.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:44 AM on 19 November 2005