The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

18 November 2005

No argument from me

From LOOK@OKC's Hornets Fan:

For a successful season in the NBA, a team needs to win all of the games they should and a few of the games they shouldn't.

The only problem with this, from the standpoint of a team that's 2-5 on the season, is that there aren't that many games they should win.

Then there's the situation with the Atlanta Hawks, who come to the Ford tonight 0-8 — but who beat the Hornets in preseason. Twice.

Oh, and Speedy Claxton and PJ Brown got onto the NBA All-Star ballot. I would, of course, never, ever encourage anyone to engage in ballot-box stuffing, at the Ford Center, via T-Mobile T-Zones, or at

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