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20 November 2005

Split decision

The new John Marshall High School, at 122nd and Portland, is about four miles northwest of the old one, and some residents of that area complained when the site was chosen, fearing an influx of troublemakers. (By, um, coincidence, the school is more or less next door to the OCPD's Hefner Division HQ.)

To accommodate a second high school on the northside, boundaries were redrawn — the school board will vote on them tomorrow — but not everyone is happy with the new lines. One parent is quoted as saying that the new John Marshall location was chosen to "get rid of the riffraff," and argued, "This is going to be a total disaster for the black community."

I don't see how. The old John Marshall was about 76 percent black; the new one, says the planning director for Oklahoma City Public Schools, will be about 73 percent black. The new Eisenhower High School, to take over the eastern half of the old John Marshall territory, is expected to be 80 percent black. (Eisenhower used to be an elementary school, but will be duly expanded; as a PK-5 facility, it was about 85 percent black.)

Still, it's an interesting divergence of perceptions: some residents north of Lake Hefner are concerned that the riffraff are moving westward, and at least one parent is concerned that said riffraff are being herded into the east. Perhaps students should wear badges, identifying them as either "riff" or "raff."

Posted at 11:09 AM to City Scene

That's it! I believe you're on to something, here!

All children under aged 18 and above age ten should wear badges identifying them as riff or raff! Think of it! No more guessing! "Troublemaker? Or straight-A student?"

[removes tongue from cheek]

As a mother to "minority" children, I get so tired of the "Edmond Mentality" (and I've seen it all over this country).

Posted by: Margi at 5:11 PM on 20 November 2005

RiffRaff ... wasn't he the sidekick to Dr. Frankenfurter in Rocky Horror Picture Show?

Posted by: Ron at 8:14 AM on 22 November 2005