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24 November 2005

Reasons for gratitude

Just a few that come to mind this morning here in the U. S. of A.:

  • A relatively low incidence of street fighting.

  • The fact that someone can close a major manufacturing facility without a Federal investigation ensuing.

  • Knowing that sleeping until 9 am tomorrow, thereby missing all the Deals of the Century, is no big deal.

  • Remembering that "crushing dissent" here means application of the taunt and the shun, not the thumbscrew and the firing squad.

  • Happy couples, even if I'm not part of one.

  • My very own soapbox, for a relative pittance.

  • The sensation, at least on the local level, that my humongous tax bill is actually doing something.

  • The fact that two years ago, I was somewhat overextended and living in a crummy flat, and now I'm in a relatively nice house of my own and still only somewhat overextended.

  • Six thousand people come to read this stuff every week.

For a dyed-in-the-wool ingrate like me, this is quite a list.

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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! --Donna (1/6,000)

Posted by: Donna at 10:39 AM on 24 November 2005

Much for which to be thankful! Happy Thanksgiving, Charles.

Posted by: Babs at 11:16 AM on 24 November 2005

Re 'street fighting': I did a series of posts on a documentary called "Street Fight", which concerned the 2002 Newark elections. Ever since I have gotten a huge number of hits from people looking for videos of street fights, which is a substantial industry.

This does not invalidate your point, that our streets are relatively free of such things.

There is greatness in a land where 6000 people a week are privileged to read a blog such as Dustbury.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 11:09 PM on 25 November 2005