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25 November 2005

It's those damnable prepositions

Jennifer of I Make Out with Geeks approvingly quotes Maureen Dowd:

Smart men are better in bed because they're more imaginative and more studious, pouring over a woman as though they're getting their master's degree in her.

Does that count as lab work?

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"Pouring" what over her?

Posted by: McGehee at 3:24 PM on 25 November 2005

I dunno, though if it's lab work, surely beakers and/or flasks are involved.

Since verifying the quote would require me to spend actual cash money on a back issue of People, fercrissake, I left it as I found it on the linked site.

Posted by: CGHill at 5:40 PM on 25 November 2005

Of course, what McGehee means is that "pouring" is the wrong term. Glad I didn't have to mention this first, since in general it's pretty weenie to go after online spelling errors (which are more or less inevitable given enough posting). In this instance, though, it may be called for, since the site places an overstated premium on intelligence.

If the error was in the magazine, a notation [sic] is needed to indicate that the poster grasps the error but is quoting ver batim.

If the error was in the magazine AND the site, it suggests that both Dowd and the poster don't understand the word (although Dowd may have been the victim of People's error).

The correct word is "poring".

Again, ordinarily such an error should be written off as an error. But in this case we're talking about a condescending pair of women who long for men "whose IQ exceed their body temperature".

They close with a smarmy:

"He can figure out what a woman wants to hear, even if it is just him sounding smart."

I'll take anyone who "sounds smart" over the clueless Dowd. At least with a guy who may just be sounding off, there's a chance that deep down, he knows he's full of crap. That person can be reached. Dowd is the issues queen, preening a self-professed 'intelligence' which she markets as insight.

Now, take these pebbles from my hand, grasshopper. Go ahead. I got plenty.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 10:47 PM on 25 November 2005

I saw it; I didn't see the point of making a big fuss over it, especially since there was a good chance that you guys would. (And if you didn't, most assuredly Vickie would.)

I think, though, I'll start quoting my body temperature in degrees Celsius. (It's around 37 right now.)

Posted by: CGHill at 10:55 PM on 25 November 2005

Chaz, may be the winter doesn't agree with you after all. Normal temp in C should be +36.6.
37C means yopu start having a slight fever.

Posted by: Tatyana at 6:53 AM on 26 November 2005

Blame the leftovers. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 9:27 AM on 26 November 2005

I went forth today to purchase a copy of People's "The Sexiest Man Alive" issue, in which the questionable quotation appeared, which should give you some idea of how much of a sacrifice I am willing to undergo for you people, inasmuch as (1) despite its cover date, it's last week's issue and (2) I am profoundly uninterested in the S.M.A.

According to the magazine, Dowd in fact said "poring," indicating a transcription error by the original poster linked.

But given my particular predilections, her last paragraph was the one I deemed least impertinent:

Lately, I find myself drawn to smart, tart and brooding curmudgeons. There may be no joy in Mudville, but at least they never serenade you with "Casey at the Bat."

Oh, and the S.M.A. is some fellow named McConaughey.

And truth be told, I was less vexed by "pouring" than by that business about "getting their master's degree in her," which sounds, um, kind of awkward.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:09 PM on 26 November 2005

Sounded like bait to me...

Posted by: McGehee at 4:27 PM on 26 November 2005