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28 November 2005

Amsterdam phone, will ya?

St. Petersburg Times columnist Robert Friedman apologizes for overdoing it, for violating the "newspaper industry's voluntary two-puns-per-section quota for headlines."

I do hope no one has trumpeted that "voluntary" business to Dawn Eden. But Friedman has extenuating circumstances:

As a young man, I entered a magazine contest — The Trygve Lee Memorial Pun Toss and Yokohama Throw — that offered prizes for the best puns involving geographical locations.

In case you saw this and thought Friedman was pulling your chain, let me assure you that the T.L.M.P.T./Y.T. was a real competition, and entries spilled over four pages of an early-Seventies issue of National Lampoon. My favorite was, and is:

My sister stole all my Halloween candy, and I hope it'll Rotterdam teeth out.

Of course, this site never stoops to such things; it's not like anyone is likely to hire me for a Punjab.

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I sold my birthright for a mesopotamia!

Posted by: paulsmos at 9:21 AM on 28 November 2005

Holland good time.

Posted by: McGehee at 11:06 AM on 28 November 2005

as far as cars go, I like the occassional datsun, but
I constantinople!!

Posted by: paulsmos at 3:25 PM on 28 November 2005

I just hope that if I ever die in a home drowning the headline doesn't read "Dwayne the bathtub, he's dwowning."

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 4:10 PM on 28 November 2005

Q.: How can you tell when a European guy has drunk too much Dr Pepper?

A.: He's Belgian.

Posted by: McGehee at 5:56 PM on 29 November 2005