The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

29 November 2005

It was not to be

Three in a row? Not if the Warriors have something to say about it, and they did, breaking open what had been a close game in the third quarter and dancing away with it.

Golden State wins it, 99-83, and ex-Hornet Baron Davis, who promised to kick in $500 for Katrina relief for every point he scored, will write a check for $8500.

The Bees now head for Denver; they'll play the Nuggets Wednesday before coming back to the Big Breezy.

Posted at 12:00 AM to Net Proceeds

The fun thing about "your" Bees (who used to be "my" Bees back in their unflattering Charlotte days) is having such a strong rookie of the year contender. I didn't think CP could pull off a pro turn. He's not only proven me wrong, he's done so in very convincing fashion.

And the fun thing about "my" Bobcats? Everything. Even the horrid losses. Watch them grow into themselves; it's going to be a helluva ride, methinks. :-)

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:45 AM on 29 November 2005

Oh, I'm sure people in Charlotte still spit when George Shinn's name is mentioned. (And if the Hornets wind up in Oklahoma City permanently, after all the denials, you can expect similar expectoration in New Orleans.)

And the 'Cats are 5-9, which is better than anyone expected out of the Hornets (now 6-7) this year. (One Hornets blog reported that one of the pundits predicted the Bees would finish an appalling 12-70; then again, they did start last season with a 2-29 run.)

Posted by: CGHill at 11:53 AM on 29 November 2005

I'm just glad my alma mater, is still right where I left it.

Posted by: McGehee at 8:20 AM on 30 November 2005