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30 November 2005

In answer to a flood of email

Well, okay, two.

Lynn was kind enough to mention the "cool rotating quote thingy" on the sidebar, which is labeled "It is written"; for the curious, this uses a Movable Type plugin called MTRandomLine and a text file full of stuff.

Old-timers will remember that in days of old with sysops bold and broadband not invented, there were offline readers (I used Blue Wave) with cool rotating quote files of their own; the basis for my MTRandomLine file is, indeed, my old Blue Wave tagline file, though I am no longer constrained by the old 74-character (I think) limit, which means that a lot (though not all) of the previously-uncredited quotes are now credited when I can find the credits — and the time.

As it happens, the one item Lynn quoted was one of the longest in the file:

"For a Westerner to trash Western culture is like criticizing our nitrogen/oxygen atmosphere on the grounds that it sometimes gets windy, and besides, Jupiter's is much prettier. You may not realize its advantages until you're trying to breathe liquid methane." — Neal Stephenson

MTRandomLine rotates a new quote onto the page whenever there is a page or comment rebuild. If you see one you like, feel free to swipe it.

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Old Sysop here :) Remember Blue Wave well!

Posted by: ms7168 at 9:16 AM on 1 December 2005