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30 November 2005

A voice fades, but not really

Kent Anderson sounded really overwrought on KCSC today. I assumed it was Whatever Is Going Around, but apparently it might have been pure emotion at work: he's left the station behind to follow a different muse entirely.

The last piece he played: J. S. Bach's Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring, in a harp transcription by Yolanda Kondonassis. Somehow that makes sense.

And if you haven't read Department Thirty yet, I'm just totally hurt that you're not taking my advice.

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I wish nothing but the best for Kent. I went to Borders and bought two copies of The Blackjack Conspiracy yesterday (the day it came out), so my wife and I wouldn't have to fight over who gets to read it first. Department Thirty and The Mesa Conspiracy were two incredible books and so far (three chapters in) this latest is just as good. He has a bright future and is an awesome writer. Is it time we start calling Kent Anderson, "David Kent" full-time now?

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 5:10 PM on 30 November 2005