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1 December 2005

Dishonorable mention

Voting has yet to begin in the 2005 Weblog Awards (mercifully, I won't be on any of the ballots), and to be up front about it, I really haven't given much thought to my picks yet.

On the other hand, Beth has proposed Badblog Awards for this year, and I suspect that the decisions to be made won't be quite so difficult.

(Disclosure: I was nominated for one of the WAs; the list of finalists has not been posted, but I have no reason to think I might have made it to the finals.)

(Found at the Cotillion Ball.)

Update, 4 December: It appears I spoke too soon.

Posted at 8:01 AM to Blogorrhea

In the past I've usually been nominated in the TTLB standings categories. Personally, I think TTLB traffic standings would be a more valid set of categories, and might even give me a fighting chance.

Being so widely linked would give me a better advantage against the little-read, than being so little-read gives me against the widely linked.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:19 AM on 1 December 2005

Ah. They don't know what's good.

Posted by: Mr. Snitch! at 7:05 PM on 1 December 2005