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4 December 2005

I swear (ka-ching!)

McGehee is one of those people who throws a quarter in the cuss jar whenever he utters something that lands on the far side of acceptable vernacular.

McGehee, of course, is a private citizen. When the government establishes a cuss jar, it costs a lot more than twenty-five cents:

Bad words are costing Hartford (CT) Public and Bulkeley high schoolers $103 each.

Police officers assigned to the schools have fined about two dozen students for cursing in a new program to curtail unruly behavior. The joint effort by school and police officials targets students who swear while defying teachers and administrators.

Eric Berlin notes:

When the police are involved in the day-to-day workings of your school, that's probably not a good sign.

I'm curious as to how they determined the amount of the, um, contribution, which is 412 times as much as is assessed chez McGehee, an amount I have no reason to believe is unusually low. Proportionately, the Hartford action is actually more costly than war procurement: not even Halliburton in all its splendor could get away with charging $3,708 for a nine-dollar hammer.

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This is off the subject, but is "operation J-P" needed? He can do your lights while you're at work if you leave them either on the front porch or inside your gate. And can also make deliveries.

Posted by: wamprat at 11:56 AM on 4 December 2005

Given the existence of a Best Holiday Lights Arrangement contest in the neighborhood, and given the fact that I am, per the officers of the Neighborhood Association, expected to pass judgment on these things, I am thinking that maybe I can get by on the meager stuff I've hung on the window and the door. If nothing else, based on last year's bitter experience, it will save me about $14 in electricity and the nasty head cold I got spending time taking the stuff down.

Besides, I have no visitors this year, which means that it matters even less than usual. (Not to mention it's colder than a gangster with a Nobel Prize nomination outside.)

My usual pattern for picking stuff up is about four months late. I vow not to be quite so tardy this time.

Posted by: CGHill at 12:43 PM on 4 December 2005

Loretta Young would not permit foul language in her presence. On the set of one of her films, she instituted a policy aimed to discourage profanity: Anyone caught using naughty language would have to put a nickel in what she called "The Swear Jar". When the jar was full, she would donate the collected money to charity.

One technician had enough of "The Swear Jar" policy. After being caught saying something that Young deemed to be unacceptable language, he walked up to her, placed a $20 bill in her hand and said, "Here's twenty bucks, Loretta. Now fuck off!"

Posted by: Donna at 1:38 PM on 4 December 2005

Which she probably didn't, but then, she was the Star.

We have customers who bounce checks on a semi-regular basis; this costs them $25 or $30 from us and probably the same from their banks, but it doesn't seem to stop them. Once, only half in jest, I suggested that we sell a $500 season ticket, though the idea died when it was pointed out to me that they'd probably write a check for it.

Posted by: CGHill at 1:52 PM on 4 December 2005

About fucking time they started fining those damn kids.

Posted by: Vickie at 4:16 PM on 4 December 2005

This is the biggest dad-gum fiddlestickin' load of bullswaggle I've ever heard of.

Posted by: triticale at 11:52 PM on 4 December 2005

Around here it costs a quarter. It can however escalate quickly with length and creativity. Actually it has been very effective! The spuds mostly reserve their favorite words for when they are really angry which is how it is supposed to work.

Posted by: Punctilious at 8:01 AM on 5 December 2005