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6 December 2005

Hot times in Memphis

If the Grizzlies play for the rest of the season like they did tonight, they'll win the division: they didn't do much of anything wrong.

The Hornets didn't do much of anything right, which is why they lost at Memphis, 89-73; it's the Grizzlies' sixth straight win, and the Bees' second straight loss.

The Celtics come to town tomorrow, and there should be snow to greet them.

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With the miserable football performances by UT and all other in-state colleges, and now/still the Titans, we need some sports excitement in the Volunteer State. In addition to the Grizzlies looking pretty good, here in Nashville we've got the Predators, the hottest team in the NHL. Wish I had a clue what it is they are doing out there skating around in circles chasing a frozen Moon Pie.

Posted by: Winston at 5:47 AM on 7 December 2005