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10 December 2005

Today in disconcert

I've seen a lot of strange things through a windshield before, but never this: guys actually working on the mechanism of an automated car wash, while someone (yes, 'twas I) was in said car wash with the sprayers and whatnot going full tilt.

Entertainment like this almost makes up for the dismal gas-mileage result (22.0 mpg) from the previous tank, which I blame on the single-digit weather of midweek.

(Got down to 3 — Fahrenheit, yet — here Thursday morning after a Wednesday that never made it out of the teens, and yes, there was some of that white stuff too. The real thrill, though, was Wednesday afternoon, when I was giving a coworker a ride home, and the windshield froze over. On the inside. As Billy Crystal was wont to say, "I hate when that happens.")

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Having lived in the northland all my life, I can't believe that I first heard this this year: to avoid the freezing-on-the-inside problem, if you can, you should run the AC when you first start the defroster. If your car is as automatic as mine, however, you might be out of luck on that one.

Posted by: Steve G. at 2:41 PM on 10 December 2005

Actually, it's supposed to start the A/C automatically when the defroster comes on, if the temperature is at or above 32; the issue is the definition of "automatically," which in this car's climate control system means "when I get around to it," and the separate A/C switch apparently wouldn't work until the internal sensor had determined the temperature to be Farging Cold and allowed manual operation, by which time glaciation was well under way. (Even Consumer Reports griped about this. Then again, they test cars in Connecticut.)

Posted by: CGHill at 3:47 PM on 10 December 2005

And I thought my ears will fall off today when I 'came back from the cold'with my groceries, and it was only 38F.
How did I managed to cope years back, in Udmurtia, in -30C weather? Can't remember anymore.

[accidentally, Chaz, why your comment guide never remembers me despite me hitting "yes" button all the time?]

Posted by: Tatyana at 4:25 PM on 10 December 2005

I have no idea. It remembers me and I have the box ticked off.

(Not to be confused with "I have ticked off the box," which is something entirely different. I think.)

Must be some sort of browser setting.

Posted by: CGHill at 4:28 PM on 10 December 2005

Mine did it too charles and the worst part was turning on the defroster made it WORSE :( I finally landed on the button that invokes both the defroster and the floor vents and that worked. I am not anxious for that to happen again!

Posted by: ms7168 at 11:27 PM on 10 December 2005

Winter in Alaska, driving the four miles or so home from the supermarket, the fan powering my defroster simply wouldn't run. By the end of the first mile I was scraping ice off the inside of my windshield.

I finally got the fan running by hitting it repeatedly with my long-handled windshield scraper -- which (to my wife's undying chagrin) I nicknamed "my fan club."

...'cause ... I was, y'know, clubbing the fan with it...

C'mon you guys, blink or something.

Posted by: McGehee at 9:15 AM on 11 December 2005