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10 December 2005

And it's deep, too

A moment of, well, laughter, because he would have insisted: Richard Pryor has died at sixty-five, and who among us ever would have imagined that he'd live to sixty-five? The man was so much larger than life you just knew that life wouldn't put up with that sort of insolence for long.

And the best thing is, it wasn't that damned multiple sclerosis that got him: it was a good old-fashioned heart attack. (Which puts him ahead of George Carlin, four to three.)

Posted at 5:45 PM to Almost Yogurt

I guess taxes and death are inevitable... but something I love about being human died with John Belushi, John Candy, and Richard Pryor. Pryor left us before he left life; but all lived life to such extremes that they left way before we were ready.

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 8:50 AM on 11 December 2005