The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

11 December 2005

How Sonic can you get?

The headquarters of the Sonic drive-in restaurant chain is right here in the Big Breezy.

Now think of the possible sports tie-ins:

The Seattle SuperSonics could be the next NBA franchise to relocate when their lease expires in 2010, if the Washington state legislature votes against funding to either renovate KeyArena or build a new venue.

The Sonics want a commitment for funding to be made in 2006, because they said it takes four to seven years for the necessary planning and construction to be completed. The Sonics' concerns were addressed last week at a news conference when they disclosed the franchise has lost $58 million since 2001.

And it's not getting any better, either:

Sonics officials said if they sold out all 41 home dates, including all 58 suites purchased at KeyArena this season, they still would lose money under their current business model.

What's this got to do with Oklahoma City? Plenty. If the Hornets return to New Orleans, as everyone involved swears they will, this is the most likely spot the Sonics will end up: team support here is running well beyond original expectations, and NBA Commissioner David Stern would much prefer to have another team move here than to deal with angry Hornets fans in Louisiana.

This calls for cherry limeades all around.

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