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13 December 2005

Thwarting the three-year-old shopper

Now this is scary: Food Marketing Aimed at Kids Influences Poor Nutritional Choices, says the Institute of Medicine. What can be done about it?

Food, beverage, and restaurant companies, as well as the entertainment and marketing industries, should expand, strengthen, and enforce their standards for marketing practices. For example, licensed characters, such as popular cartoon characters, should be used only to promote products that support healthful diets, the committee said. The industries should work with health officials and consumer groups to develop an industrywide rating system and labeling that convey the nutritional quality of foods and beverages in a consistent and effective fashion. The Children's Advertising Review Unit — a group created and financed by the industry to monitor advertising directed toward children — should expand and apply its voluntary guidelines to newer forms of marketing, such as Internet and wireless phone advertising and product placement. The media and entertainment industries should incorporate storylines that promote healthful eating into programs, films, and games. The government should consider the use of awards and tax incentives that encourage companies to develop and promote healthier products for young people.

What's missing in the above prescription?

If you have children, you are.

(Via David Fleck.)

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And last week's blame mom study of the week said my kids are doomed anyway, since I was overweight when I got pregnant. Clearly that's evidence of parental failure right there. I can't possibly be trusted to feed them under those conditions.

Yes, these folks do bad things to my blood pressure. Can you tell?

Posted by: Deb at 9:40 AM on 14 December 2005