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14 December 2005

Everybody say Yeah

Well, they did, at least those who showed up at the polls: the 50-cent fee for E911 Phase II was approved in Central Oklahoma by 3-1 margins or better. Voters in Norman, Edmond and Mid-Del schools also approved bond issues for building improvements and such.

In the Tulsa area, the "4 to Fix the County" initiatives passed, though not by huge margins.

Statewide results are here.

Posted at 7:10 AM to Soonerland

Oh good! I was so very pleased to vote yesterday without having to fear death (aka Iraq). Pity so few voted. The Norman polling place where I vote was dead (4:45pm) with three very bored workers who were delighted to see me.

Every single one of my so-called politically progressive friends did not vote. My fav response/excuse was that it was "not important."

They have an opinion on everyone and everything political yet can seem to stir themselves to actually vote.

Well, it was a touch chilly and there was a hint of rain in the air so maybe that kept most of them home....


Posted by: lostinOKland at 10:05 AM on 14 December 2005

Turnout was not especially high: I arrived with a little more than two hours left on the clock and cast ballot #112, which meant that for the preceding ten hours they'd averaged about one voter every five minutes.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:32 AM on 14 December 2005