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16 December 2005

It's what's in the groove that counts

Steve H. is considering buying a turntable, and it's not because he's an unrepentant vinyl junkie either:

[T]he music industry is run by imbeciles. There is a ton of music out there that you still can't buy on CDs, twenty years after they hit the market. It's amazing how little we do to preserve our culture. When the vinyl is gone, the music will be gone. A lot of it already is. Thatís a crime.

And what will he do with that vinyl?

If I get the turntable, maybe I'll be able to eBay the music I like on vinyl and then remaster it myself and put it on CDs. Then I can put the LPs in a vault and forget about them.

McLuhan doesn't apply to music: the medium is not the message. If CDs and DVDs and whatnot are someday driven from the market and we wind up with wax cylinders again, somehow we'll manage.

Posted at 8:07 AM to Tongue and Groove

Ohh man, great idea but a laborious process.

Vinyl to Digital, great idea ... tedious process

Posted by: Greg O'Byrne at 11:49 AM on 16 December 2005

No more tedious than copying it onto cassette tape was. Really, people have become so weak. What would they do if their tv remotes all died?

(Full disclosure: Charles is the person who first introduced me to the Teac, here on this very site. One day I will own one. Oh yes, it will be mine.)

Posted by: Andrea Harris at 9:16 PM on 16 December 2005