The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

16 December 2005

The Suns are avenged

In spectacular fashion, at that, putting together a 37-10 (!) fourth quarter to more than erase a big Hornets lead and drop the Bees, 101-88, in front of a small (not quite 7500) but vocal crowd in Baton Rouge; clearly this was payback for the Hornets' victory at Phoenix earlier this week.

Once again, the Hornets fail to put together a three-game winning streak, and they drop to 10-13; the Spurs show up at the Ford Sunday night.

Posted at 9:20 PM to Net Proceeds

I wonder if they will count that against the "home" attendance average ... that is darn good until the "actually go home" to play.

Posted by: Mel at 10:34 PM on 16 December 2005

Hornets brass were quick to point out before the game that they didn't consider it any kind of referendum.

Still, two seasons ago, when they were a respectable 41-41 and got a playoff berth, they didn't draw any better than they did last year at 18-64, and you can be certain that the brass know that too.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:55 PM on 16 December 2005