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18 December 2005

Cool nightwear for hot flashes

Not that I'll be buying any of this stuff any time soon, but this makes a certain amount of sense to me:

The various inventors of this new sleepwear all seem to have had essentially the same eureka moment — on a night when they started getting hot flashes of their own. They were all active and fit women, with years of experience with perspiration. And they realized that the temperature fluctuations of menopause called for the same wicking fabrics as running, hiking or exercising in the gym.

(Via Boinky, who quips: "No wonder ... Maureen Dowd can't find anyone to sleep with her.")

Posted at 4:02 PM to Entirely Too Cool

My favorite sentence:
Sometimes the flashes woke them up, but more often it was the other way around.
And sometimes, the women woke the hot flashes.

Posted by: Dan at 7:03 PM on 18 December 2005

Nothing charming about the appearance of those night get ups... one does not have to sacrifice fashion just because one is dripping wet from the perspiration of hot flashes... okay... maybe you do. *sigh*

Posted by: Dr. Jan at 8:45 PM on 18 December 2005