The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

19 December 2005

Axls of wheezing

No feeling in the serpentine anymore?

[W]hen does a rock and roll band go from being rebellious to being sports rock? Is there some sort of timeline that I don't know about? Does rebellion carry an expiration date? Because when I was a young lady in the eighth grade, listening to Guns N' Roses was the rebellious antidote to Belinda Carlisle and Whitney Houston.

They were even the antidote to Poison and Whitesnake because by late 1987 everyone liked those guys so we early adopters of Guns N' Roses were a smug bunch indeed. And now that first shining star in the Guns N' Roses story is the entrance music for football teams.

On the other hand, "Welcome to the Jungle" is easier to justify as a Sports Rocker than, say, "Sweet Caroline".

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