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21 December 2005

Every form is sacred

Neil Bryant served in the Oregon state senate for eight years, then joined the state's university system as a lobbyist. Earlier this year, Governor Ted Kulongoski nominated Bryant for a seat on the board of Oregon Health & Science University, and Bryant was duly sent the state's three pages of paperwork.

One question on the form was "Do you have a disability?" Possibly with twinkle in eye, definitely with tongue in cheek, Bryant filled in the nature of his disability: "white/male".

Hilarity did not ensue. Kulongoski got Bryant on the phone and asked him "What were you thinking?" Bryant has since requested that his nomination be withdrawn.

Having once completed a "Race" blank with "Mile Relay," I feel for the guy.

(Snagged from NRO's The Corner.)

Posted at 2:04 PM to Say What?

At my credit union (where I can never remember my account number) the teller will look at me & ask "Social?"

I reply, "I normally try to get out every other weekend."

Once during an interview process a young lady would ask the questions, I would answer, and she would fill out the form.
It went like this:
" Brown" (wanting to say "2")
"Thank you, but I don't feel that this is an appropriate time"
She smiled & then said "Gender"

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 4:09 PM on 21 December 2005

Jeez, I always thought that white/male indicates two disabilities. Of course, if one is a white/male who dresses in high heels and pantyhose, then he becomes transgendered. This eliminate the disabilities and a special more equal status is bestowed on the person.

Naturally, this means that if you're ever discriminated against because you're a white male, your only recourse is to put on a dress. Screwy, I know. But who ever thought that John Wayne would look down from cowboy heaven to see backdoor buckaroos in a movie about the American West. Everything is upside down in the culture war.

Posted by: Mike Pechar at 4:42 PM on 21 December 2005