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22 December 2005

A solid position, sort of

I've mentioned once or twice that buying off OG&E's wind farm was becoming cheaper than buying the regular gridstuff, largely because said regular gridstuff is obtained by burning natural gas, which costs more than a supermodel's body parts these days.

OG&E, in a letter to its wind customers, is now acknowledging this fact, and notes that in its new rate schedule, the $2/100-kw wind price will be lowered by, um, a dollar ninety.

This puts me ahead $11.40 a month before other changes to the rate schedule are figured in, or almost enough to cover what I'm losing on ONG's gas billing.

Addendum: And I'm quite sure that OG&E is serious about this wind business; they've signed on to a deal to build a new 120-megawatt wind farm, which could be on line in a year.

Posted at 8:21 PM to Family Joules , Soonerland

Lowered BY $1.90 (to $0.10) or TO $1.90? Almost makes me wish Stillwater didn't provide its own electric (mostly hydro and some coal), or got in on the wind bandwagon...

Posted by: Jennifer at 11:10 PM on 22 December 2005

Lowered by $1.90, to 10 cents. I reread the paragraph twice to be sure.

Posted by: CGHill at 6:23 AM on 23 December 2005

Yes, they are serious about it. They are adding to the existing wind farm at Weatherford and down by Lawton. I was coming back to OKC one weekend when they were hauling some of the blades to the site. It was a very long process getting that tractor trailer turned left off the exit ramp out at Weatherford. There was a lot of backing up and pulling forward going on.

Posted by: Tina at 10:02 AM on 23 December 2005