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24 December 2005

Who's your Dada?

Lawrence, Kansas Mayor Boog Highberger has proclaimed International Dada Month, and what's more, he's not adhering to that hopelessly-square business about having it one continuous month: it will begin 4 February 2006, end on 26 October, and occupy randomly-selected days in between.

The proclamation includes a classic line from German Dadaist poet Hugo Ball: "zimzim urallala zimzim urallala zimzim zanzibar zimzalla zam."

Which, you know, is about what you'd want to hear from a guy named "Boog."

Donna, should she be wandering around Lawrence, is prepared:

When I think of [Salvador] Dali, I think of a man who had a sense of humor. This was not in evidence in the audio tour or any of the written pieces within the exhibition. It was simply surreal how seriously they handled his surrealism. "In this piece, the young poet is depicted with a lobster on his head, which offers us Freudian insight into Dali's own juxtapositioning of ...." C'mon guys, there's a freakin' lobster on this kid's head... now that is FUNNY! It's okay to laugh.

At the time, I mentioned that Dali had done some advertising work for feminine unmentionables, which is kinda goofy in itself.

And maybe His Boogness is attuned to this level of surreality:

Highberger said his motivation isn't quite as complicated. "It might just be a prank," [he] said.

Punk'd by the Mayor! (Memo to Mick Cornett: Feel free to wear a lobster on your head at the next Council meeting.)

And anyway, it's not like this ululation about "urallala" is utterly foreign to us: as Richard Penniman was wont to say, "Awopbopaloobopalopbamboom."

(Suggested by Fark.)

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