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25 December 2005

Yet another drop-in (2nd followup)

From this very site in August 2003:

KWEY-FM in Weatherford would seem to have it pretty good; they're the only FM in town, they pump out 100,000 watts all over western Oklahoma, and they've got an AM facility to boot.

So why would they want to make themselves over as a lowly 6,000-watt rimshooter in Blanchard?

From a few months later:

The application is in, and it's even lowlier than I thought: the request is for 1,000 watts at 244 meters, about the same stick height as they have now. They're still short-spaced to KQOB (at 96.9; KWEY's application is for its existing 97.3 frequency) by about nine miles, though. (Translation: They don't meet the usual FCC spacing requirements for stations this close together on the dial, and must demonstrate to the Commission's satisfaction that there will be no excessive interference.)

The Feds have indeed granted a construction permit for the 1,000-watt facility, and Tyler Media, which owns four other radio stations in this market, all but one of them moved in from somewhere else, has purchased the station for a reported $1 million. New calls — KOJK — have been applied for. (This, at least, supports my speculation in the original post: "I'm thinking that maybe they want to sell this station, and they don't think they'll get a buyer out there in Weatherford.")

Still, there remains the question of what Tyler will do with the facility, and so far, they haven't said anything.

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My guess:
"Jack" Format
Oklahoma's Jack-FM

Posted by: MikeSwi... at 10:30 PM on 25 December 2005

I thought about that, but the Jack FM format is syndicated — by SparkNet to the top 40 markets and by ABC to smaller ones (Oklahoma City is the #53 radio market) — and I have some doubts that they'll allow Jack to go on (1) a 1000-watt station (2) in a market that already has a Bob FM.

Posted by: CGHill at 10:37 PM on 25 December 2005

Well, looks like I called that one wrong: it is indeed going to be a Jack station, and they're already streaming at

I wonder if they're going to apply for translators on the other side of town....

Posted by: CGHill at 6:14 PM on 9 January 2006