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27 December 2005

That weird fiscal-responsibility business

In 1994, Blanchard voters approved a one-cent sales tax to pay off a 40-year Federal loan to cover the cost of running a 15-mile water line to connect to Oklahoma City's water system. The idea was that at the end of the 40 years, the tax would duly expire.

But Blanchard's growth since 1994 has been greater than anticipated, and the city has announced that the loan is now almost completely paid off; the city attorney says that February revenues will cover the last of it, and once that's done, the Oklahoma Tax Commission, which collects the tax, will be directed to stop doing so.

I bring up stuff like this from time to time to remind people that not everyone in a government office carries the Spendthrift Gene.

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When I lived in Florida, the Cape Coral Bridge's building costs had been repaid and they suspended a toll. As a resident of New York and New Jersey, I found it hard to believe.


Posted by: miriam at 7:34 PM on 27 December 2005