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27 December 2005

The sadness of the Democrats

Power Line's John Hinderaker points to this Quinnipiac University poll, and finds an oddity:

Q.: Do you think 2005 was better or worse than 2004 for you personally?

Better: 65%
Worse: 22%

Better: 41%
Worse: 45%

Note that the question was not about the direction of the country, or about any aspect of current affairs; respondents were asked how 2005 was for "you personally." It's a generally accepted fact, I think, that Republicans tend to be happier and more optimistic people than Democrats. Still, I find these results astonishing. The only apparent explanation is that Democrats — not just the activists and political junkies, but millions and millions of Democrats — were so depressed over President Bush's re-election that they perceived 2005 as a bad year for them "personally."

Even if these poll numbers are fairly accurate, this strikes me as something of a stretch.

By whom is this "fact" of greater happiness within the GOP "generally accepted"? Donald Sensing reported on a 2004 poll which seems to support that premise, but he doubted that the differences were significant; I suspect that even if they are significant, they're not enough to explain this huge difference in the Quinnipiac study.

So we're supposed to believe, basically, that vast numbers of Democrats took their drubbing at the polls personally and are somewhere between uncomfortable and despondent about it. This doesn't sound like any Democrats I know personally, but then I live in Oklahoma; perhaps we have less of a tendency to whine.

(For the record: 2005 was better for me personally, though mostly in areas considered intangible; my finances were largely unchanged from the year before. I am a Democrat, albeit substantially to the right of the party's base.)

Posted at 11:05 AM to Political Science Fiction

If you were here in Jersey, and to the right of anything, they'd brand you a Republican. There's nothing BUT Democrats visible around here. (The Republicans gather only at secret clubs under assumed names.) And they are mighty bitter and depressed, despite the fact that the party could blend puppies in the middle of main street and still get elected in Hudson County.

I know a designer who's out of work. She blames Bush. People who can't afford to live in Hoboken anymore. Bush's fault. 9/11? OK, not Bush's fault, but he probably will cause another one.

You think I'm kidding as usual. But I am dead serious. Swear on a stack of calzones.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 8:50 PM on 27 December 2005