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27 December 2005


They said it wouldn't last.


The second weekly Carnival of Nothing has received nothing, says creator Sean Gleeson, from literally thousands of bloggers, testimony to Mr Gleeson's unique (and uniquely clear) vision.

Posted at 4:07 PM to Blogorrhea

I don't have much to say--does that qualify me?

Posted by: miriam at 7:35 PM on 27 December 2005

Actually, there's scarcely a Carnival in blogdom for which you wouldn't be qualified. :)

Posted by: CGHill at 7:51 PM on 27 December 2005

You can always go to the Carnival of Nothing post and leave a comment containing nothing.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 8:27 PM on 27 December 2005

Please, someone hang out and give Charles a rim shot once in a while.

No, I said rim SHOT. It's different. Very different. Oh, forget it.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 8:37 PM on 27 December 2005

Don't mind if I do.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:01 PM on 27 December 2005

Oh, crap. I was going to not submit something and I completely forgot.

Posted by: Eric at 10:29 PM on 27 December 2005