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28 December 2005

Please let me off this grid

Alameda County, California assigns addresses based on how far a building is from downtown Oakland, which is the county seat. You might not think, even if you lived in semi-remote Hayward and had a number like 22071 on your front door, that this would be a big deal.

You would, of course, be wrong. Developers have complained to Hayward municipal government that these ginormous numbers could be costing them sales because all these digits increase the likelihood that some of them would be considered unlucky under the rules of feng shui.

Kidding? Of course not:

Real estate agent Lisa Coen, of nearby Pleasanton, who also runs a feng shui consulting firm, said she has advised developers on how to make homes attractive to buyers who would not want to live at the end of a cul-de-sac or where a door opens onto a staircase.

"It does matter to some people. It really does matter," Coen said. "They won't buy a house ... if the number's not right."

And apparently she does practice what she preaches. Her feng shui consulting firm is located at number 326, which is a good thing:

Six is also very auspicious, not only because it has the same sound as "profitable" or "luk" in Cantonese but also because 6 is twice 3 and 3 is a lucky primary number since it takes a minimum of 3 points to create a geometrical shape. Three is the beginning of all things and twice 3, that is 6, means progress and doubling of everything that you started with. For the same reason the three digit numbers 326 and 666 are also popular with the Chinese.

Disclosure: My own address, balanced between yin and yang, is just fine.

(Via Kipper, who sitteth at the right hand of Xrlq.)

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