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29 December 2005

Doing a slow burn

The armchair shrink speaks:

Guys argue that women tend to stew and hold grudges more, sometimes popping up to blow the whistle on a man's bad behavior years later, like a missile out of the night, as Alan Simpson said of Anita Hill.

Yet look at Cheney and Rummy. Their steroid-infused power grabs stem from their years stewing in the Ford White House, a time when they felt emasculated because they were stripped of prerogatives.

They're men, Maureen. They're not necessary at all. Remember?

As DCeiver might say, "Meh."

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At least I'm reassured: No need to get TimesSelect.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 1:56 AM on 30 December 2005

MoDo is so...perceptive. She knows these guys better than they know themselves. But she's wrong about the steroids. Cheney's still a singles hitter.

Posted by: Campagna at 7:38 PM on 30 December 2005