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31 December 2005

Nastier phish

Here's a new ploy from the scammers: a fake eBay message claiming that you haven't paid for an item won at auction, and providing a handy link to communicate with the upset seller. (Nice touch: "Responses sent using email will not reach the eBay member. Use the Respond Now button below to respond to this message.")

Of course, that button actually takes you to a non-eBay site which steals your ID information, in this case (Incidentally, the address and telephone number given in Whois do not match up; the LAX area is not in area code 661. I'm guessing here that the domain registrar,, is there, but the phone number is an answering service somewhere else.)

Incidentally, this is the item mentioned in the scam; it was in fact paid for, and the buyer was given positive feedback by the seller.

Update, 2 January: Got another one, this time with the domain

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