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4 January 2006

Heat wave

They played that on the Ford Center PA about halfway through the third quarter, and by then the Hornets could have been waving at them; it was 72-50 at the time. Miami would narrow the gap, what with Dwyane Wade getting a triple double, Jason Williams banging down the treys, and Shaq being, well, Shaq, but otherwise the Heat were cold after the first quarter, and the Bees chalked up a win, 107-92. Byron Scott played everyone (except the Officially Injured) tonight, and six Hornets got double figures, led by Desmond Mason with 24 and David West with 20.

This is only the second time this season the Hornets have had two consecutive 100-point nights — and the first time, they lost both those games.

One more game in the home stand: Friday night, against the Trailblazers.

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I've really had it with Dwyane Wade. Where in the HELL did his parents learn how to spell? It's bad enough that there are probably a DOZEN ways to spell Dwayne (Duane, DeWayne, Dwaine, DaWayne, Bob) but NOW THIS???????

Phonetically it can't even be pronounced Dwayne (1 syllable). It's more like Dwuh-yay-ane. For the love of Pete! or should I say Pweetea?

Sorry for hijacking the post (or should that be hijaqueing?)

Posted by: Dwayne "the canoe guy" at 9:02 AM on 5 January 2006

Few people know that my name is pronounced "Wladislav."

Posted by: McGehee at 1:03 PM on 5 January 2006

First name or last?

Posted by: CGHill at 1:11 PM on 5 January 2006


Posted by: McGehee at 11:41 AM on 6 January 2006