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9 January 2006

Now this is gutsy

Who knew Ted Kennedy had a dog named Splash?

Okay, it's a Portuguese Water Dog, so it's not like he was striving for maximum irony here, but something still seems awry: imagine Bernhard Goetz operating a Subway® franchise.

(Via Michelle Malkin.)

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I'm speechless. Had to comment, but I'm speechless.

Posted by: Jennifer at 1:46 PM on 9 January 2006

Now that he's writing kids books lets just hope he won't get a hankerin to drive the school bus anytime soon ...

I couldn't resist.....

Posted by: Ron at 6:51 PM on 9 January 2006

Maybe Ol' Teddy was inspired by Tookie Williams' cautionary tale to children about avoiding gang life. If that's the case shouldn't this book be about the perils of accepting a ride in the vehicle of pompous, philandering, drunk U.S. Senators from New England? At any rate, you'd think, given Ted's checkered past, that his editor could come up with a dogs name not suggestive of something falling into a body of water.

Posted by: Ed at 4:46 PM on 10 January 2006