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11 January 2006

There is only one issue

And if the Democrats can't bestir themselves to bring it up except in the vaguest possible fashion, Brian J. Noggle is here to help:

Judge Alito, assuming that your wife were raped by Satan and impregnated, would you not then support abortion? Indeed, would you not, for the betterment of mankind and service to God, use a spoon and a penlight yourself to rid this world of the demon spawn, even if your wife were in her third trimester?

Joe Biden should have asked this. He needs the publicity for his Presidential bid, and if past performance is any indication, he could have read it right off the screen without worrying about attribution.

Update: What was I thinking? There is no spoon.

Posted at 1:48 PM to Political Science Fiction

If he had said yes, he would have aborted Hellboy...
Guess they don't read comicbooks.

Posted by: Nancy Reyes at 6:16 PM on 11 January 2006