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11 January 2006

Have you cuddled your cactus today?

Inasmuch as I'm supposed to be pining for this, um, "unattainable snarkgoddess" (a phrase for which I score an actual Googlewhack as of this writing, though this post will eventually trash it), here's a not-entirely-random Maureen Dowd description from this denunciation of a Norwegian quota system by E. M. Zanotti:

Sure, women don't hit the upper echelons, but could that be because some women might happen to not want to hit the upper echelons, work three thousand hours a week, and end up alone and bitter like Maureen Dowd? Sure, she believes she out of a date because everyone just thinks she so wonderful, but let's hit the Earth for a second: MoDo is about as cuddly as a cactus, and twice as pretentious.

"The cactus is our friend." — Maria Muldaur, "Midnight at the Oasis"

Actually, cacti don't strike me as particularly pretentious, except for the saguaro, and that could be just a trick of perspective. They sure are prickly, though.

Posted at 7:25 PM to Warn Mode Due

But is she as charming as an eel?

Posted by: McGehee at 9:52 PM on 11 January 2006

A cactus which expatiates on whether pricks are necessary is pretentious.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 11:27 PM on 11 January 2006

I suspect that the source of her consternation is not the pricks per se, but the fact that they're not generally available in the wild: unless you're willing to accept artificial simulacra, you can't get one of them except as part of a, you should pardon the expression, package deal.

Posted by: CGHill at 7:04 AM on 12 January 2006