The Finch Formerly Known As Gold

14 January 2006

Self-absorption points: 5

I was standing at the meat counter at the supermarket, and I looked down at the package I've just been handed. "Okay. That leaves the ribeye."

"That is the ribeye, sir," said the clerk.

I looked at the package again. Still said it was pork chops.

I handed it back. "Oh, okay. Could you please relabel this so I'll know what I'm pulling out of my freezer next week?"

Which he did, and his gratitude was almost comically profuse. It took me a few seconds to figure out why: while I, wrapped up in my own little world, was thinking in terms of my convenience, he was thinking in terms of what would happen to him if they'd figured out that he'd inadvertently tagged something priced at eight bucks a pound for three bucks a pound. It could have cost him $5; it could have cost him something worse.

File this under Accidental Good Deeds, I guess.

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