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15 January 2006

The strength of a cardboard belt

Whose idea was it to groom New York Governor George Pataki for a Presidential bid? Blame Mel Brooks, says Michael Bates:

Pataki is "Springtime for Hitler" — the sure-fire flop — and his political consultants are the producers. They'll butter him up, appeal to his vanity, and convince him to run. They'll get him to raise a pile of money, which won't be tough for the governor of a large and wealthy state, and they'll spend it for him over the course of '07 and early '08. They can make all sorts of promises in the course of raising money, because they know the candidate will never be in a position to keep those commitments. They'll setup fundraisers, mass mailings, and media buys, and add a percentage to each one, in addition to their monthly consulting fees. When the campaign falters, no one will blame the consultants, who, after all, didn't have much to work with, and they will live to consult again.

There is no shortage of unscrupulous political consultants who will flatter a candidate into running, preferably a candidate who is wealthy enough to self-finance. For this sort of consultant, a successful campaign is one in which the check clears.

Bialystock and Bloom, of course, ended up in the slammer — selling shares in a prison musical. These guys never learn.

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» They can see it from Oklahoma from Mister Snitch!
..but they can't see it from Albany. "It" is of course the end of George Pataki's political run. Pataki and his advisers are still in denial, but Michael Bates sees it writ large. We said our piece last July, and even earlier. Noted on Dustbury....[read more]

Wasn't Springtime for Hitler a SMASH HIT? Why yes - yes it was. Not that Pataki will be.

Posted by: Dan at 9:08 PM on 15 January 2006

Which proves that even the most venal of political consultants can make mistakes. :)

I'm not convinced that the next occupant of the White House will even be a Republican, but that's another matter.

Posted by: CGHill at 9:21 PM on 15 January 2006

"...the sure-fire flop..." Ignoring the correction/admission of the earlier comments, when the "producers" first got their hands on Bush and floated him out for inspection, he had "Ishtar" written all over him. Some days he still does...

Posted by: Winston at 5:29 AM on 16 January 2006