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17 January 2006

Lost Verizon

Now here's a quirky query: "the phone number of the devil".

I doubt that it's in area code 666, which is as yet unassigned, or in 616, which is in Michigan. (Let's not hear from someone at 616-666-xxxx.) Acting on the premise "Lead us not into temptation, because we can find it ourselves just fine," I suspect that the Prince of Darkness has one of those annoying toll-free numbers that spells something, like 800-FOR-HELL. (He doesn't have that particular one, because this guy does.)

Anyone got a better version of the 411?

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» A touchtone of evil from Sean Gleeson
For reasons of his own, Charles Hill is trying to find out Satan’s telephone number. I think a phone number was printed on Robert De Niro’s business card in Angel Heart, but I don’t have that movie on DVD. ......[read more]

The phone number of the Church of Satan is 212-245-2329. It doesn't spell anything devilish that I can parse.

Posted by: Sean Gleeson at 10:10 AM on 17 January 2006

I'm almost positive that 666 will never be assigned, because in all probability it would wind up going somewhere in the Bible Belt, which would freak out and wind up boycotting the phone company or something just to prevent having that area code.

666 is a fairly common exchange, I'd imagine. It's been in use here in Westchester County, NY, for years for the towns of Mount Kisco and Bedford (before number exchanges, those numbers would have been "Mount Kisco 6," and MO corresponds to 66 on the keyboard). But someone never fails to show their personal prejudice towards someone just because of a 666 exchange. Some years ago a former coworker, complaining about our supervisor, said, "I think he's demonized or something. He even has a 666 phone number!"

Posted by: Bryan at 2:09 PM on 17 January 2006

ZIP codes in Topeka, Kansas start with 666, which means that the odious Fred Phelps, whose Westboro Baptist Church is at 3701 SW 12th Street in Topeka, 66604, gets to see it every day.

Posted by: CGHill at 2:21 PM on 17 January 2006

Satan's dominion uses up the entire 666 area code. The good news is, ALL the numbers are unlisted (that's why you can't find it). The bad news is, everyone's a telemarketer.

Posted by: Mister Snitch! at 9:42 PM on 17 January 2006

When I lived in San Marcos, TX, I had the devil's zip code - 78666.

Posted by: J. M. Branum at 1:42 PM on 21 January 2006